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         Melissa is a breath of fresh air. Healing Haus Yoga with Melissa behind it makes yoga fun, exciting, and comfortable. Being new to yoga can be a little intimidating especially for a guy, but Melissa makes you feel totally at ease And she really knows her stuff. It’s something I look forward to, and I always feel better after both mentally and physically. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty beat up in my life, many broken bones over 11 orthopedic surgeries and so on. So pain and stiffness has been a big part of my life, but I have always pushed on. I’m a gym rat and have been for all my adult life and it has definitely helped me get by and actually survive some unfortunate things. So I didn’t think there was much more I could do until I tried yoga, and it has definitely taken me to a new level both spiritual and physically, and Healing Haus Yoga has gotten me there. Give it a good try and you will see what I mean.


         I am fairly new to Yoga but nevertheless have attempted to learn several times. I never stayed with it after a few times until I had the pleasure of studying under Melissa with Healing Haus Yoga. She has taken the time to describe in words and movement the various poses encountered during a yoga session. As with many people new to yoga I had physical limitations and she took the time to help me with alternative poses. Not only is she good with beginners but equally as good with experienced students. She has a well modulated soothing voice and her classes help me feel at peace even when I entered a session stressed. I have been following her for 2 years now and will continue in the future. All I can say is that I think she is wonderful!


         As someone who has mobility issues caused by psoriatic and osteo arthritis I never thought yoga was something I could participate in. In talking with Melissa she offered to create a practice that I could do seated. After working with her for several months I realized that postures I found difficult in the beginning were now much easier. When my schedule required me to move to her Mindful Flow class I was a bit nervous,  but she is very good at offering modifications.  She often says yoga is not about twisting yourself into a pretzel,  it's about giving your body what it needs. Now two years in both my Rheumatologist and Physical Therapist have remarked on how much this practice has slowed the progression of my disease and wish that more of their patients would do the same. Thank you Melissa.