Meal Prepping for Busy Professionals

You don't have the time to not be meal prepping. Everything you need to know to incorporate healthy homecooked meals into your busy schedule.

Course Summary

Learn how to organize yourself and your kitchen so you can maintain a steady source of nutritious whole foods to lose weight and fuel your active lifestyle. 

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  • Meal Prepping for Busy Healthcare Professionals
  • $30 USD

    Short on time doesn't mean you need to be short on nutrition. Learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your tight schedule.

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Course Curriculum


Welcome to Mind Your Food (a mindfulness based weight management program)

My name is Melissa. I am a full time healthcare professional, a 200hr yoga instructor, content creator and wife.

I developed Mind Your Food after experiencing first hand the power of mindfulness in ending the struggle with weight loss. In learning how to maintain a moment to moment awareness of the food and drink I consumed with non judgmental observation my entire life changed.   While most would say I didn't need to worry about diets, I spent the first 25 years of my life struggling with my weight.  I toggled between obesity and my goal weight, always unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and afraid of my lunch.  I tried every diet and bought every stupid weight loss product that I thought might finally get me into a size zero.  But it wasn't until I stopped relying on stuff "out there" and started listening to the stuff "in here" that I finally conquered obesity and my fear of food.  Because of the role mindfulness has played in my very busy and very ordinary life I knew I had to share it with as many people as I possibly could.  I developed this program so that you too, through the practice of yoga and mindful living, might also come to find your own sense of peace and self worth.