Sacral or 2nd chakra

WHO wants to talk about SEX?!

Well, we will touch on that ;) but the sacral chakra or svadhisthana is really about emotional balance and intimacy.

Located below the navel and centering around the reproductive organs this chakra is the seat of creativity, truth and the understanding and acceptance of ourselves.

A balanced sacral chakra allows us to live presently, feel fully, understand those feelings and express our emotions freely without loosing control.

Signs that you might have a blocked sacral chakra can include:

  • detachment
  • isolation
  • anxiety
  • loneliness
  • low libido
  • lack of creativity

While signs of an overactive sacral chakra can include:

  • feelings of being consumed by your emotions
  • escapism as a means to avoid life
  • obsessive affection that isn’t returned
  • engaging in inappropriate expressions of sexuality

Sex plays a significant part in intimacy. But as anyone who has had a one night stand knows, sex does not equal intimacy.

Intimacy can be difficult for those with a blocked sacral chakra. I think all of us at one time or another have felt the fear of opening up. Why is that? Is it because the sky will fall and the whole world will end in a storm of hell fire if we get hurt? No. People get hurt all the time and the earth still spins and most of the time... nobody dies. (lol) Real intimacy is so difficult because opening up means showing yourself to another as well as yourself. The greatest gift we can offer is the knowledge of self.

A relationship can only be as deep and honest as we are with ourselves. Intimacy necessitates great trust both in ourselves and our partner. In order to be accepted by another we must first know and accept ourselves. This is why we seem to find self growth most often in the light of intimate relationships. Our partner acts as a mirror reflecting ourselves back at us. This mirror can allow us to see ourselves clearly and a strong presence of mind allows us to not blame the mirror for what we see if it is unfavorable.


Reacting vs. responding is another clue that our sacral chakra might need a little love.

Emotions and our reactions to them may seem beyond our control. But this isn't the case. Our emotional responses are the result of conditioned response. Things that have happened to us in the past mold how we will respond to similar situations in the future. Ever heard of the term "baggage" ?
Since the brain is unable to distinguish between real or imagined events the emotional and physical responses that accompanied an initial encounter (like trauma) are experienced all over again every time we revisit them. This repetitive rehashing of events cements a coupling of emotional response with that event. And if left unchecked throws us out of balance and affects future relationships.

A balanced sacral chakra allows us to respond to our present circumstances (whatever they are) freely without the hindrance of past influences. We can put down the baggage, so to speak, and free ourselves. This degree of separation allows us to live fully in the present, experience fully anything that comes our way (both good and bad) and then move on.

Healing your sacral chakra

If you feel like your sacral chakra could use a little attention here are a few things you can do.

This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor nor do i diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness. Consult a physician regarding any health concerns you may have or before beginning any kind of regimen or treatment.